What Types Of Business Stationery Are Best For Your Company

No matter the size of your company, nor the business arena in which you deal, investing in quality, professional business stationery is always recommended. There are many printed items you will want to distribute for different aspects of your business to both encourage and attract new customers, and to help cement your relationships with existing contacts and clients by presenting a professional image of your company. When ordering your business stationery printing, here are some items that should be at the forefront of your considerations:

Why Business Cards Are A Winner

Possibly the most important item of business stationery – the business card has been a staple marketing item for decades and remains so even in these digital and social media platform business environments! The business card is usually the first item a contact will have of you and your company. It usually marks the first interaction you will have with a potential new customer or client, whether it is in an arranged meeting or at a business function event or conference. The business card stands as a ‘marker’ about you and your company. It offers that all-important ‘first impression’ and is the one item that your new contact will take away with them as a reminder of their conversation with you. So it is vital that it looks professional and stands out against any competitors. When considering your business stationery printing, including your business cards, you need to give careful attention to the layout, the size, and the material choices to ensure that the finished result is professional and striking. 

Thoughtful Compliment Slips 

Compliment slip printing provides the opportunity to give your customer that personal touch. Including a little handwritten note on a printed compliment slip with any product or correspondence you give or send to a client, demonstrates that you have personally dealt with their enquiry/request and makes the transaction seem more individual and the client more important. These little ‘gestures’ can be incredibly important in building a rapport and relationship with a client. It adds to their overall experience and will encourage them to deal with you again.

Using Letterheads To Instill Confidence

Branded letterheads give the appearance of a professional and busy organisation. When distributing any communications, be it as part of a marketing or advertising campaign, or simply a regular communication with established clients or customers, using a branded letterhead gives the impression of a business that is reliable and efficient. Which encourages confidence in both yourself, your company, and your brand.

Stand Out With Envelopes

Having your business envelopes branded offers the same virtues as your letterhead printing – that promotion and installation of a professional company to your clients, and acts as further brand reinforcement every time a letter from yourselves lands on their desks!

Notepads To Stay On Brand

Whilst not a ‘staple’ of business stationery printing, branded notepads will always look impressive when handed to clients when you host a meeting, or when produced and used by yourself at a business event – they also make a nice addition if included in any business ‘pack’ you may assemble and distribute to existing clients or at a business conference or fayre. If creating such a pack, then having them distributed in a branded presentation folder will further enhance the professional image.

Inform With Brochures

When producing literature for a marketing or advertising campaign or when attending an event, company brochures branded with your corporate name, logo and colours will always make a good impression and promote your brand in a positive manner.

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