5 Print Products That Are Perfect For Business

Business stationery printing is a vital part of a businesses’ everyday operation – printed stationery items that a business will not function effectively without if they want to appear professional and established to their existing and potential clients! Well designed stationery, printed on high-quality materials will always have a positive influence on your business – here are some business stationery items to consider: 

Good first impressions with business cards 

Probably the most important – and effective – item of business stationery printing you need. You only get one chance to make a first impression. In the world of commerce, your business card is the tool to do that successfully! It is usually the first thing a potential client or customer will receive from you, whether at an arranged meeting, or any business event or conference, so it is important that it makes the right impression. Your business card will tell the recipient about your company and about you. Is the card made of quality materials, is it aesthetically pleasing to look at and to touch? If your business card is high quality, the person to whom you are handing it is going to have an initial impression that both you and your company are of the same quality – a positive introduction! Of course, the opposite can be the case – skimp on your business card design, materials and appearance, and your potential client may assume that the service, product, or company you are representing, are likely to follow suit. Not the impression you want to convey!

Make it personal with compliment slips

The impact of a quality printed compliment slip is often underestimated – not all businesses use them, but they should! Compliment slips are basically simple D5 sized cards personalised with branding. They are designed to be included alongside other business stationery products (a company product brochure, a letter, an invoice, or other business representation and correspondence). The effects of a compliment slip can be significant. A Business who has invested in compliment slip printing has the opportunity to include a brief handwritten note to their client or customer. The opportunity to add that ‘personal’ touch that proves to the recipient that they are a valued client and not just one of a huge marketing, mailing exercise. Printed compliment slips are simple, but personal and valuable in reinforcing not only your relationship with that client, but your company brand and professionalism. The personal touch imparts a sense of worth which could be the difference between a sale or not.

Say it professionally with letterheads

Printed company letterheads are an essential part of any company’s business stationery printing. They are the vehicle for sending letters, invoices, memos and just about any business document! Your printed letterhead provides the platform to display your company name, address, logo, colours and that all-important contact information for the phone, website, and social media platforms that your company utilises. A well-designed and quality-printed letterhead gives the impression of a professional and efficient business to all who receive business documentation from your company, whether they are established clients or potential new business partners. The perfect stationery tool to constantly reinforce your company brand and presence.

Branded notepads for gifts and meetings

Customised printed notepads provide an opportunity to further reinforce company branding as well as being a useful working stationery item. Handed out at meetings or conferences, the branded notepad is a simple, but effective, marketing tool. They can also be practical gifts for clients who, whenever they use the stationery, will be staring your company name and brand in the face. Therefore making the notepads an ideal marketing vehicle for you all year round.

Booklets and brochures as marketing tools

Many businesses produce brochures or booklets. They are great marketing tools to distribute to your clients, or at any business conference or event. Consider wire bound booklet printing to produce a comprehensive brochure of your products. This form of business booklet is lightweight but durable. Wire bound booklets are ideal for company reports, sales presentations, business directories and instructional guides. They will be easy for your clients to regularly refer to and to carry with them. Wire bound booklet printing is an opportunity to have your products showcased on a daily basis to your customers, acting as a constant reminder of your company and its’ services.

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