How Brochures And Booklets Help Your Business

There are many marketing opportunities and advertising methods available to business today. The boom in social media platforms has changed the way many businesses approach their marketing and advertising campaigns and methodologies. That does not necessarily ring the death-knell for some of the more traditional marketing vehicles though. An often under-utilised, but very effective, tool for marketing these days still is a printed booklet. Affordable and cost-effective booklet printing, and clever brochure design, can be a valuable marketing vehicle and have a myriad of different applications that could benefit your business. Here are some considerations of brochure printing that you should consider when organising your marketing campaigns and options:

Easy Distribution

Printed brochures are easy to distribute. They can be strategically placed in many different locations, as well as being sent through the post to businesses and targeted individuals alike. If you are attending a business fair or convention, then simply displaying them on your stand makes them easy to hand out to any passing footfall, or for people to simply pick up for themselves.  

Cost Effective

Most print companies and graphic design companies in central London will happily work with you on your booklet design, then print your finished article in the volumes you need. Like many print items, the more you order the cheaper they become by the copy, so they can be an affordable and cost-effective marketing tool. Booklet printing in central London does not have to restrictive!

Build Trust and Reinforce Brand

You can include lots of company details in your brochure or booklet, such as company history, mission statement, company colours and logo that identify your business. If potential customers see a history of experience in your business field, and an established brand name and identity, it presents them with a professional image and will build trust in that brand. 

Delivers Information

The main function of your printed brochure is to deliver information about your company’s products and services. These booklets can do that effectively and the information is there for customers to refer to repeatedly. A printed copy rather than digital information, is a constant reminder of your business to them.

Personalises Your Business

Somebody reading your brochure is effectively having a one-to-one communication with your company. They can consult the booklet in their own time and consider its’ content. The printed material adds a personal touch! 

There are many practical applications for a printed brochure or booklet. Here are some examples:

Product Catalogues

In this digital age of online shopping and information there’s still a place for a glossy, high-quality catalogue. Whilst your online alternatives may give you all the information you might want, there’s nothing quite like the tactile satisfaction of handling the glossy pages, with high-definition photographs and images that give the product that touch of finesse. 

Theatre Programmes

For many, going to the theatre, or a concert, is a special occasion. Like most things that we consider to be special, you like to have a souvenir of the event to remind you of the night. Printed programmes not only provide information about the event and the characters and participants they also provide a keepsake which allows you to look back on the occasion, should you wish.

Branded Magazines

These printed booklets are hugely collectable and therefore a great marketing vehicle. Shoppers will happily pick up these free magazines in their favourite retail outlets. Magazines that offer both reading content and promotional offers will be referred to repeatedly.

Staff Handbook

Within the corporate environment, most organisations will furnish its’ employees with staff handbooks. These can contain employment rules and regulations, along with staff procedures and working terms and conditions as well as company values and ethos.

As you can see, the uses of these versatile brochures are many – you can find suppliers of brochure printing in London who will be able to advise you on the different formats and designs for your company booklets.

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