How to choose a printing company in central London

Despite digital advancements, printing is still very much an integral part of a company’s branding and marketing communications. Almost every established company requires some form of printed materials to promote their business, from brochures, and banners, to business stationary. So, it’s vital to find the right printing company for your company’s requirements. With hundreds of printing service companies in London to choose from, the best thing to do is to research their capabilities to consider whether they are right for you and your business needs. We’ve pulled together a list of things to consider when choosing a printing company in central London:

Check out their range of services

When it comes to choose a printing company, you want to be sure you are opting for a printer that has a wide range of expertise. A good printing company should have prevalent knowledge of the printing industry and utilise their services to the best of their ability. With comprehensive expertise in multiple services, you can be certain you are choosing a printing service company that has the services to suit your business.

Be sure to ask the company whether they can print the items you require. It may seem like a simple solution, but if they look to have all the bells and whistles yet don’t print your particular requirements, they will not be the best suited printers for you.

Find out about their experience 

When researching the best printing service company for you, it’s worth considering their duration within the industry and whether they are a newbie or a long-established printing company. By determining how many years they have in the printing industry, you can determine whether their longevity comes with credibility. The more experienced the printer, the more likely they are to have come across printing issues and therefore have a better knowledge of how to prepare and cope with unexpected challenges. That said, a new Printer may also have some great experience made up from the sum of their individual people. They may also have innovative ideas about how they process their jobs. Do some digging and find out what they have to offer by way of insights and experience. 

Good customer service is essential

Communication can make or break a business, and its no different within the printing industry. Make sure you have clear communication with your chosen printing service; you want to be able to reach out and discuss progress with projects as they are happening, as this will encourage both parties to do their utmost to achieve the best end-results.

Well-established printing services should be able to provide successful project management services, to ensure the printing is handled with care and any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, providing the highest level of customer care.

Ask about speed and efficiency

Lead times and timeframes should be clear from the moment you put a print order in. And a decent printing company will deliver on their promised deadlines. Depending on the requirements, a quick delivery isn’t always possible, so it’s worth checking with the printer the timeframes for each project, as these can change if different stock or finishing is used to prior projects.

Delivering within the proposed requirements leads to a better relationship between customer and printing service, and a better business relationship, in-turn, leads to more business. 

Are you getting value for money?

Price is always an important factor. And it’s important to find a printing company that provides quality printing at an affordable price. Sometimes these do not go hand-in-hand, so you need to be sure you are going to be happy with the finished article before it is even printed. A good way to do this is to get samples from the printer in advance to get a better idea of what the finished article will look and feel like.

Value for money doesn’t just apply to the finished article. Value can be in the communication between you and the printing service, providing accurate quotes and information, sticking to agreed deadlines, and making you aware of any changes in advance. They can also provide you with cost-saving alternatives, by simply changing the size or spec of you printing piece ever-so-slightly but significantly enough to offer similar quality items at lower prices.

A good printing company will have a balance of high-quality services and competitive and affordable prices to achieve great end-results. 

DL Graphics – who are we and how can we help?

DL Graphics are a printing service company and print shop in central London. From concept to client, we at DL Graphics have it covered. Established in 1989, we have been trading and evolving for 32 years, specialising in creative & artwork, print & distribution, and interactive & online. So, if you’re looking for some printing services for your branding and marketing communications, from large format posters, to brochures, to business stationary, or are simply looking for inspiration, our printing service and online print shop is the place for you! Call us on 02072423337 or email or use our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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